100 Smart Cities to be developed as green cities

In 2014, India envisioned to turn 100 cities into Smart Cities. The first stage of the program wasto roll out nominations of the cities and post nominations these Cities were to submit a concept plan by October and a draft by November 27 and the final proposals are to be submitted by December 15, 2015.


The proposals drafted by these cities need tocompulsorilyadhere to one of the four categories – greenfield development (250 acres), retrofitting (500 acres), redevelopment (50 acres) and pan-city development.


With the recommendation of The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) these 100 Smart Cities are now going to be termed as “100 green smart cities”.

The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) has been roped in for creating environment friendly and energy efficient smart cities. IGBC which a non-profit arm of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), is engaged in developing new green building rating programs, certification services and green building training.


With an aim to create urban spaces where green, high tech initiatives bring  These smart cities are going to be created with the aim to create urban spaces where green, high-tech initiatives bring more efficient management of resources, solid waste management, rainwater harvesting, energy saving techniques and recycling.

With half the world’s population living in cities, increasing the strain on energy, transportation, water, building and public spaces, there is an increasing need for “smart” city solutions which are both efficient and sustainable on one hand and can generate economic prosperity and social wellbeing on the other.