2016- The best time to invest in real estate.

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Investment in 2016

Real Estate markets in India have experienced their shares of highs and lows. The real estate markets boomed between 1988 and 1994, property rates increased over by 10 times. The real estate sector saw a surge again between 2002 and 2013, where prices increased over 6-10 times greater.

2016 has emerged as a promising year for various sectors including real estate. After a downfall in the property rates in past few years, 2016 has witnessed an increase in the rates, paving way to make real estate investments a secure option for investors.

Today investors are looking out for properties of reliable developers who will assure quality and timely possessions. The investments also depend on the rental yield of the area.  So, how one should proceed to make an investment in the current real estate market condition is purely dependant on what kind of deal you are looking for. Earning money can be easy, if you know the right place and the right time to invest your money. Chalk out your investment strategy by analysing market trends. This will help you eliminate risks in your investments.

In spite of all the hue and cry it’s difficult to find any long term depreciation in the prices of real estate. Therefore, beginners in real estate investment should follow some strategies and become quite adventurous to various cities, to study the prices rates of numerous residential and commercial real estate projects, and hence, choose the best one for their investment.

Why is 2016 the best time to invest?

The very first question that arises in the mind is ‘Should I invest in real estate?’ ‘Is it the right time for investing in commercial or residential property?’ Smart people invest when they perceive that, market is weak. As builders are offering good rates and flexible payment plans, it is good time for strategic investments now for the residential home buyers

  • Tax and Home Loan – Tax rate reductions and decrease in home loan rates can be cashed upon by property purchasers.


  • Budget – 2016, unveiled yet another important aspect for property acquisition this year. There is an additional exemption of 50,000 on housing loans up to Rs.35 Lakh. This proposition can truly encourage many to make their dreams turn into reality.


  • Smart Cities – Thanks to the government’s promotion of 100 Smart Cities, AMRUT (Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation), Housing for All by 2022 and infrastructure development; these initiatives would not only benefit the economy but assist people in finding affordable homes.


  • Location – Navi Mumbai and Thane have blown in victorious with an increase in real estate rates, thus making them the best place for real estate investment.


  • Performance – According to a survey, city index which is a city’s current performance based on five dimensions: business activity, human capital, information exchange, cultural experience, and political engagement have increased from a capital value of 113rs/sq.ft in june 2015 to 116rs/sq.ft in 2016 for Navi Mumbai. Thane showed an exceptionally good increase from a captive value of 103rs/sq.ft to 110rs/sq.ft in March 2016.Reality rates are expected to reach the peak in the second half of 2016.

It’s best to invest for under construction property, offered by developers who have good reputation, in growing locations as investing in this kind of property will be risk free. Because under construction residential projects discounts have gone up as compared to ready possession projects. 

India is becoming the next big name in Real estate. 2016 is the best time to search out for your dream home at affordable prices, as housing rates will definitely not lead to a downfall. So make a smart move by investing in property today because, ‘Lost opportunities do not hurt, as much as lost money’


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