Green Cover- an essential yardstick for home-buyers

Green residences have become a USP for most projects in the premium and affordable luxury segment of the property market in Mumbai. Apart from the luxurious amenities provided in the project, buyers look at the surroundings, equipped with a lush green landscape and thrive on the sustainable development model, as it enhances the lifestyle of the home-buyer.

More green space within a city`s boundaries can improve the urban environment by reducing carbon emissions; water quality is protected; it reduces heat build-up; reduces soil erosion; improves air quality; lowers air temperature; rainfall retention (rainwater harvesting) and helps in natural resource conservation. These are some of the advantages of having ample greenery around you. The more greenery in the area, the lesser will be the temperature there. The difference can be 2 to 3 degrees cooler, as compared to non-green areas. Hence, green covers are turning to be an essential yardstick for home-buyers to invest in property.

According to reports by Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), of the 2 billion square feet of green construction projects across the country, quarters are registered in Mumbai. Despite the fact that the cost of green buildings is 3% to 8% more than regular buildings, this is recovered in two to three years through savings in energy and water bills, added some environmentalists.

Projects inhibiting greenery are sure to garner significance in times to come because of the plethora of benefits derived from them. “Homes can offer immediate and long-term savings for home-owners through careful design, efficient building techniques and the selection of long lasting and low-maintenance materials. Green homes means having a sustainable home environment. Sustainability means choosing for robustness, performance, and cost, in sync with the environmental resources without compromising on the comfort level of the residents.

Increasing awareness among homebuyers of green cover is an advantage these days, as the buyers of are much more evolved and well-educated. They are aware about the green movements and initiatives that help conserve the environment, nature and improve the green vegetation around us.

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