Rangoli for diwali
Tips for Home Decoration for this Diwali

Your home is a place which gives you a great pleasure of living irrespective of the size of the flat. It is a place where you just put-off all your stress and get relaxed. Also it is a place where you keep coming back.

We cherish our homes with beautiful memories and heart touching moments that are irreplaceable.  We always want our homes to look beautiful and attractive during festivities. We decorate it with innovative designing ideas to enhance its beauty. And Diwali is one such festival for which every person waits with great happiness and enthusiasm to celebrate it.

One of the biggest holidays of the year is Diwali, a festival of light for hindus and also for many other religions. Dipawali or Diwali was named after the rows of clay lamps, which people place outside their homes during holidays. And in Hindi the clay lamps are called “deepa” and the row is called “avail” and hence named it “Deepawali”.

It is the festival in which farmers pray to Goddess of wealth i.e. Goddess Lakshmi, for their year to be financially successful. People from across the world participate to celebrate this festival of light and happiness. This festival of light has both legendary as well as religious importance. The festival is celebrated as the victory of knowledge over darkness, good over evil and light over dark.

Diwali has great importance for Hindus, Sikhs and Jains and therefore celebrate it will full joy and happiness. Here’s a glance at the significance of the festival “Diwali.”

In Hindus, Diwali is celebrated because, the Hindu god, ‘Lord Rama’ returned to his place Ayodhya after winning a battle against a demon King ‘Ravana’ and surviving 14-years in forest. When Lord Rama returned Ayodhya was lit with ghee Diya’s. The deepa’s or the diya’s lit Ayodhya is most beautiful manner. Thus each year people light diya’s to enlighten their lives, welcome Goddess Lakshmi etc.

For Sikhs, this festival celebrates the release of their Sixth Sikh Guru “Guru Hargobind” and 52 princes with him, in the year of 1619. They celebrate this victory by lightning the golden temple.

In Jain traditions, Diwali celebrates the knowledge achievement of Lord Mahavira, a religion’s reformer and 24th Tirthankara of Jainism.

As soon as Diwali comes closer, everyone gets excited about what all things they are going to do this Diwali. Even if the festivity lasts for 3 days, the preparations begin 1 to 2 months in advance depending on the nature of the work. Many people want to add a new sheen to their home and start renovating their homes; decorating the home with intimate lightings, clean the house, make Diwali special sweets and the list goes on. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi enters or resides in a home that is clean and tidy; so one of the most aspect that forms a part of Diwali preparations is cleanliness.

On this joyous festival,people prepare delicious sweets and snacks, do pooja of Goddess Lakshmi, spend precious time with friends and family, visit to neighbor’s house etc. Diwali festival, is all about decorating your homes with lanterns, candles, torans etc.

Here are some tips for decorating your home this Diwali that will gloriously garnish your home.

  • Diya’s

Diya’s made up of clay, have great importance in Diwali or I can say diya’s are made for Diwali festival and therefore the joy remains incomplete if we do not decorate our home with diya’s. You can decorate your home by placing it at the corners of your windows and doors. For instance, if you have a spacious 2 BHK flat at that has a deck, then you can lighten up your space by placing this diya’s in a linear fashion on the walls of your gallery. You can also place diya’s at the corners of your staircase.

In case you have a little extra time to spare you can get raw diya’s or earthen diya’s and color and design them accordingly. Paint the inside and outside of earthen lamps into complementary colours. Decorate the edges with pearls or glitters and light up your house! In case you are time pressed you can always go for readymade diya’s but the satisfaction of self-creation takes the fervor to the other level.  If you are facing space crunch then you can place table mat and place your decorative divas on them.

  • Lanterns

Lanterns also form an important part in this festival of light because they light up the entrance of your home and make it more attractive. They are mostly placed outside the home to create an illusion of space. You can follow the Oriental style of paper lanterns for that elusive, exotic yet beautiful decoration. You can also go for the Gujarati lanterns or kandils for decorating your home in the traditional way.


  • Serial Lamps

Serial lamps are the alternatives for diya’s. Many people worry about their children playing as diya’s can be dangerous; therefore they prefer these serial lamps, which is safe for children, for decorating their entrances, windows and galleries. You can buy serial lamps in meters, based on how much you need. It is available in various sizes and shapes with colorful LED bulbs. If you like being creative then you create the best out of waste with old paper cups. Paint them and cut them out into floral shapes that can be stuck together. Add a light bulb to it and create a chain. Your serial lamp is ready.


  • Rangoli

Rangoli is the most beautiful idea of making the entrance of your home more pleasing. You can make various colorful rangoli designs next to your door keeping the space restraints in mind. One can also make use of flowers in rangoli to make it look more beautiful or solely make a rangoli from the flowers itself. If you’re an expert you can sketch any of your favorite designs and change them daily. You can also go for ready to use stencils which can help you create good rangoli designs.


  • Painting

Decorating your home mainly depends on your budget. Painting your home is an expensive affair and needs to be thought through before taking it ahead. You can make your living room livelier with pastel shades on walls except one. You can highlight the one wall with texture or dark shade. You can use warmer colors to give you the cozy feeling or you can opt for light shades that enhance your room.


  • Cloth Decoration

To make the house look more pleasing and lovely, you can make use of net cloths for decorating the walls of living room and bedroom, entrance of the house and also you can decorate your pooja room with it. Net Clothes are available in markets in different quality and colors. But take care while hanging these net clothes to avoid its contact with diya’s which leads to mishaps.


  • Creative Gift Boxes

During Diwali people exchange sweets and gifts to express their love and affection. And it is just boring to present the gift in normal and plain gift boxes. Therefore, if you want to make it appear more attractive, you can give a creative touch by adding a color lace to the edges of the box or wrapping it in different styles. Take an unused box, color it in and out with complementary shades. You can then cover your box with a gold net cloth and decorate the rims of the cloths with pearls.


Make Diwali decoration as a part of family activity where you can spend time with your loved one’s. You can add decorative candles to your preparation, you can prepare your pooja thali with beetle leaves and places flowers at the side and a big diya at the centre. Diwali decoration ideas can be infinite and depend on the time that is willing to be dedicated. Most of Diwali decoration depending on time in hand can be prepared from waste. For example you can lanterns from used tins, shells, bottles etc. You can make torans from cardboards making it the base of it and can place decorate it either with paint or cloth and can further enhance it with glitter designs or a gold lace.


The ideas mentioned above are real quick and easy. It not saves money but also serves as an opportunity to spend time with your friends and family. This Diwali go green by excluding crackers and infusing lives with creativity. Happy Diwali Decoration.

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