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Real estate on Kolshet Road, Thane

Among the many peripheral localities of Thane, Kolshet Road has experienced a steady rise in real estate sector. Due to flourishing residential and commercial real estate, fabulous connectivity and best social and civic infrastructures, Thane a part of Mumbai, in the state of Maharashtra is an emerging and most attractive real estate destination under the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

Today home buyers and as well as real estate investors are looking for the properties that will fulfill their requirements, add a touch of luxury and provide them with the best comfort.

Thane City has received a good capital appreciation when it comes to real estate market. With immaculate connectivity and leading infrastructures Thane is expected to witness an explosive appreciation in future. And being a part of Thane, Kolshet road is also showing a robust hike in real estate.

Kolshet road located in northeast part of Thane has also opened it edges for real estate investors to cater to the housing demand from high class segment as well as middle class segment with the best residential projects.

Demand for all kind properties like renting and buying on Kolshet road has increased in recent years as Thane has emerged as a lucrative option in its residential as well as commercial real estate market.

Here are some quick facts about Kolshet Road, Thane that includes its Connectivity, Accessibilities, Interesting Spots, Real estate status and Realty Price Trends which will help real estate investors and the end users as well, in their decision to buy a property in Kolshet, an emerging locality of Thane.

Associated Transit Channels with Kolshet

Kolshet road enjoys an immaculate connectivity to various localities of Thane and Mumbai. Thane railway station is at a distance of 7 km from Kolshet Road. Ghodbunder Road in Thane west is 4 km from Kolshet Road.

The road proceeding towards Kolshet is called as Kolshet road. Kolshet road links Eastern Expressway Highway to Western Express Highway. Kolshet road is well-connected via trains, buses and public transport services. Kolshet road is also facilitated with many auto rickshaw and bus services running frequently in the locality. Kolshet road acts as a passage to Ghodbunder road.

Real Estate Price Trends of Kolshet

From 2009 to the half of 2016 kolshet road has witnessed a good price appreciation in residential as well as commercial real estate. Below mentioned is the average property rates on Kolshet road over passing years:


From January to March the average property value was Rs. 4,300 per sqft. From July to September it was Rs. 4,000 per sqft and elevated to Rs. 4300 per sqft from October to December.


From January to March the average property rate was Rs. 4200 per sqft. From April to June it was Rs. 4750 per sqft. It elevated to Rs. 5100 per sqft in from July to September and further increased to Rs. 5500 per sqft from October to December.


Gradually the average property price rate increased from 2010 to 2011 i.e. from January to March it raised to Rs. 5900 per sqft. In the month range of April to June it was Rs. 6250 per sqft. After that it raised to 6500 from July to September and Rs. 6750 per sqft from October to December.


From January to June of 2012 the average price for property was same as to average value from October to December of 2011 after which it elevated to Rs. 7500 per sqft from July to September and Rs. 8000 per sqft from October to December.


In 2013, the average real estate value for properties appreciated to Rs. 8390 per sqft from January to march, Rs. 8850 per sqft from April to June, Rs. 8958 per sqft from July to September and Rs. 9000 per sqft from October to December.


In 2014, from January to March it was Rs. 9407 per sqft, April to June it raised to Rs. 9672per sqft, from July to September it decreased to Rs. 9598 per sqft and further  went down to Rs. 9514 per sqft from October to December.


In 2015 it again experienced appreciation and went to average value of Rs. 9750 per sqft from January to March after which it decreased to Rs. 9200 per sqft from April to June. From July to September again rose to Rs. 9650 per sqft and Rs. 10,350 per sqft from October to December which was the highest average value from 2009 to 2016.

Also rental growth in thane is increasing at a constant pace at the rate of 5% YOY.

Kolshet- A Realty Hotspot!

Kolshet road is centered by many residential landmarks by well-known and reputed builders.  A few of them are mentioned below:

Projects by Kalpataru Group on Kolshet Road Thane west:



Kalpataru Immensa is located on Kolshet Road and offers 1, 2, 3 and 4 BHK flats for sale in Thane west. It is a 25 multi-storeyed residential project and the price rate of these flats starts from INR 59.10 Lakhs.



Sunrise Grande a residential project on Kolshet road provides 2 BHK and 3 BHK luxury flats for sale in Thane and price rate for these flats are available on request.

Kalpataru Group is one of the eminent developers has diversified businesses such constructing townships, residential properties, commercial properties and retail properties.

Projects by Wadhwa Group on Kolshet Road Thane west:



Solitaire by Wadhwa Group is located on Kolshet Road Thane offers 1 BHk flats. This residential project comprises of 3 towers of 23 floors each and the price for these flats starts from INR 63 Lakhs.

The Wadhwa Group is one of the most trusted and reputed developers. The group has a diversified portfolio which comprises of residential, commercial and township projects. Wadhwa Group’s other project in Thane include Wadhwa Courtyard, Wadhwa Platina etc.

Projects by Lodha Group on Kolshet Road Thane west:

Lodha Amara by Lodha Group located at Kolshet Road Thane comprises of 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3 BHk flats. This property is 6 mins from Eastern Express Highway and 15 mins from Thane station.

Lodha Group established in 1980 has a Pan India presence. The group today is synonymous with their quality constructions. Lodha Group’s other projects in Thane include Lodha Splendora, Luxuria Priva, Lodha Grande and many more.

Accessibilities in and nearby Kolshet

Investors as well as end users always search for a property that has good accessibilities around it. Kolshet very well satisfies this criteria as it is neighbored by many educational centers, huge complexes, malls, supermarkets, banks, hospitals, temples, parks, tourist spots etc. A few of them are listed below.

Educational Centers:

Kolshet road has many schools located nearby namely, Universal High School, Blossom High School at Everest World, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Blossom English School near Prathamesh Hills, Orchid International Schools and many others in and around the locality. For quality education Kolshet Road has best landmark i.e. University of Mumbai, Thane Sub Campus which became operational from 2014.

Healthcare Centers:

Hospitals that are in proximity to Kolshet road, Thane includes Hiranandani Hospital, Jupiter Hospital and Navjeevan Hospital etc.

Shopping Hubs:

Like Ghodbunder Road in Thane west Kolshet road is also surrounded by many shopping malls and entertainment hubs such as Wonder Mall, R-Mall the largest mall in thane, Big Bazaar, Lake City Mall and Movie Theatre like Cinemastar and many more.

ATM’s and Banks:

IDBI bank, ICICI bank and ATM, HDFC Bank ATM, Kotak Mahindra Bank and ATM etc. are the bank and ATM branches located on Kolshet road, Thane.

Interesting Spots:

Surrounded with green nature, Kolshet road enjoys a beautiful coast of Thane Creek giving a magnificent picturesque view to the visitors. And also has many other famous places like Kolshet Gaon, Devi Mandir etc. form the visiting places mostly for devotees. Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Upwan Lake and many more tourist spots are at short driving form Kolshet Road.

Kolshet Road’s superlative connectivity, residential developments and proximity to social infrastructures makes it an interesting and viable destination for a buying a property in Thane.  Thane is a swiftly developing part of the Mumbai metropolitan region and seen a strong demand for properties.


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