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The Indian government in its goal to uplift cities has come up with the ‘The Smart City Mission’. Making a strong point to consider the urbanisation of cities, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing a conference on Smart Cities said that “he would like to strengthen cities by comprehensive and inter connected approach with public’s participation”.

The smart city project comprises of cities like Pune, Jaipur, Surat, Kochi etc. In all, 20 cities are to be developed under the Smart city mission. The project will focus on increasing job opportunities in these 20 cities with varied infrastructural and industrial developments providing citizens clean and sustainable lifestyles.

Pune one of the cities in the Smart City mission, is the second largest city in the state of Maharashtra. It is also one of the fastest growing cities of Asia-Pacific region. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already launched 14 projects in Pune which comprise of street and pedestrian walkway, vehicle health monitoring, maximum solar city, etc. and has initiated 69 projects in other smart cities. The Smart city project will encourage innovative ideas for the development in digitalization, smart meters and ideas that save energy. Under the Smart city mission, the central government will spend approximately INR 48,000 crore over the next 5years and has sanctioned 194cr for Pune smart city mission.

Smart city mission will be beneficial not only to the City but also to the Citizens. Pune city under the Smart city program will transform itself, thus attracting more and more investments and funding from the government which will raise the statistics of this city.

Following are the few characteristics of Pune smart city development:

  1. House at reasonable prices

Pune constitutes 40% poverty of total population in that city and they contribute to economic growth. Thus, Shelter becomes their prime objective. Therefore, it is decided to build 20,000 houses in coming 10 years.

  1. Infrastructure

This characteristic of Pune Smart City, is to bring up new technologies or upgrade present technologies, to improve the physical infrastructure of the organizations supporting principles of sustainable development. It comprises of transport and water supply as the main projects.

  1. Upcoming start-ups

Smart city plan in Pune has come up with new idea of start-ups, to provide challenging job opportunities for the young population as they are technically skilled, due to many well-known universities in Pune.

  1. A Transit zone

Poor connectivity leads to a barrier to public transport. Therefore, Pune smart city project has decided to make it functional with Metro, BRTS (Bus Rapid Transit System) etc. to provide a good connection with public transports and thus making travelling easier.

Why is Pune an ideal choice for Smart City Mission?

  • It is referred as the ‘Oxford of the East’ as it marks the presence of excellent colleges and learning centres.
  • Pune has many IT, Automobile, Floriculture, Engineering and Pharmaceutical companies
  • It has an excellent Human resource with literacy rate of upto 92%
  • Pune has witnessed a healthy growth in Real estate market and is considered to be one of the best cities to invest in.
  • Pune is going to be the next IT hub after Bangalore

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his speech expressed satisfaction for public participation of over 25 lakhs population, in Smart city building plan, from different cities. People are highly engrossed in improving their respective towns and cities, thus giving their serious contribution to Smart City development.

Adding to the existing number of Corporate and Manufacturing units present, Pune has bagged many famous Foreign Direct Investment under the “Make in India” scheme that has given rise to an ever-increasing number of employment opportunities.

Pune an already flourishing city will gain an impetus in its progress by the Smart city mission.  This program will prove to be a boon for Punekars and a green signal to the real estate investors. The city with its supreme connectivity and infrastructure is soon to become the next big city of India.


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