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Investing in Real estate is a profitable

Yes real estate investment is profitable, provided that you analyze it properly from tip to toe. Real estate involves the ownership, purchase, rental, management or sale of a real estate property.

Investing in real estate is not just buying a place to call home. As an investor you need to weigh out the costs and benefits of the action and make the appropriate choice before diving in real estate investment pool.

In other words, once you are aware of the real estate criterions i.e. how to deal with it; investing will become easy and conceptually simple to deal with.

Goal of a real estate investor is always to make more money and get good returns in future by investing in it today. Real estate investment has become the most common and popular investment field from last 4-5 decades as compared to any other investments and also has more potential than any other investments.

Real estate is linked to the important and fundamental aspect of human needs i.e. “shelter”. Every individual dreams of owning their own home.

The prime factor of a real estate market is to meet the needs of an investor or end user pertaining to different fragments of the society who would want to procure or purchase a home or lease a commercial space.

Buying or renting a real estate property offers plethora of opportunities to make huge gains in terms of ROI. And In this case Thane which comes under MMR (Mumbai Metropolitan Region) provides an opulent mix for in the residential and commercial real estate sector.

Though many real estate experts have raised questions like why real estate investment has so much attraction from investors than any other investments, the primary reason is continuous because of its high returns or long term investments.

We discussed that real estate investment is simple and also is quite profitable. But “simple” doesn’t imply “easy”. It is very likely than any investor can commit any mistakes during procuring his investments. It is very essential to analyze certain factors before you go ahead and procure a home.

Let’s see how real estate investment can be profitable and an easy process.

How to make a real estate investment?

Plan well before you buy!

It is quintessential to plan your purchase. You need to set a goal and think as why you would want procure a home i.e. either residing purposes or renting purposes.  Always work in forward process i.e. plan first what is your requirement? What is your budget? And what you will do with that property? And then proceed for investment.

Analyze the Location!

Zeroing down on the most appropriate location is most crucial thing before you go ahead with your home procurements. Location forms the foremost thing that one should concentrate on, for a real estate investment to make it worth is to select best and appropriate location which is an integrated township.

Thane is now a self-sufficient location and satisfies an integrated township criterion with well-developed social and cultural infrastructures, seamless transit system, magnificent nature’s beauty, hot residential footprints, commercial centers etc. making it a lucrative option for investors as well as home buyers.


Thane is centered with numerous schools and colleges such as Holy Cross Convent High School, A.K. Joshi School in Naupada Thane West, ISBM (Indian school of business management), A.P. Shah Institute of Technology, Dr. Ambedkar Tamil Vidyalaya located on Pokharan Road no. 2 Thane-west, etc.


Swastik Hospital located at Vartak nagar, Jupiter hospital next to Viviana mall, Panadikar Hospital located in Naupada, Bethany Hospital, Hiranandani Hospital etc. are some of the Health care centers in Thane.

Entertaining Spots:

Thane also provides galore options for entertainment purposes viz: Viviana mall, R-Mall, High street mall at Majiwada, Eternity Mall on Teen Hath Naka and some other daily basis shopping malls like D-Mart, Hype City and Big Bazaar.

Enchanting Views:

Thane forms a part of Salesette Island and provides enchanting views of the Yeoor Hills, Parsik Hills and Thane Creek.

Tourist Spots

Thane encompasses various tourist hotspots like Ghodbuder Fort, kelwa Beach, Upwan Lake, Sanjay Gandhi national park etc.

Railways and Roadways:

Developed Roadways and Railways in thane have made it a real estate investment location with seamless connectivity. The proposed metro line 4 project has risen up its positional demand. This metro rail project has a length of 32km and is constructed to minimize the travelling distance between Thane and Wadala.

Many flyovers are being constructed by Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Development Authority. These flyovers are meant to reduce the traffic congestion at Savita Chemicals, Mahape subway and Talavali Naka.

Thane also has smooth connectivity to Eastern freeway, Santacruz-Chembur Link road, Jogeshwari-Vikroli link road, Navi Mumbai and to other Mumbai parts via Ghodbunder Road.


Before buying a residential or commercial property, first compare the rate of property that you are going to buy with the property rates present in another locality because it is the most common mistake that a real estate investor makes. And thane as compared to other locations of Mumbai has affordable as well as luxury flats and is best suited for both the kind of investors i.e. high class investors and moderate class investors. Thane today in true essence is value for money.

What kind of investment a real estate investor can make to gain profit?

Raw Land Investment!

Raw land Investment is a good option for profitable real estate investing.

Raw land is just a basic earth and nothing more than that. This raw land can be put to a value by improving it i.e. building a shelter or an office space to rent it out for dwelling or business purpose that will provide you a good cash flow. Another way is that you can divide the land in parts and sell them at good price to make more profit.

Many investors prefer to buy a raw land and leave them to appraise with good price due to the development of various social and civic infrastructures, roadways, commercial buildings etc. around it, increasing its positional value which in turn increases the rate of land. So when the investor sells that land in return he will get good profits from the same.

Residential Investment!

Residential investment is the one on which the investor can rely on for long term investment to gain high returns. It’s a dream of every individual to own a home and have a pride on it. Thane called sister of Mumbai has developed immensely and is capable to fulfill the wish of many home buyers and investors.

Many well-known real estate developers in Thane have left their miraculous footprints with their eminent residential projects.

Valley Premium by MM group, Wadhwa Platina and Wadhwa Solitaire by Wadhwa Group, Sky Suites a luxury project by Harmony Lifestyles Group, etc. are reasonable properties located at Thane. Some other most profitable investments are listed below :

Kurshiji Grande is located at Kopri, Thane east and is developed by Kursija Corp. It is 20 storeyed project and offers 2 BHK fats for sale in Thane with price rate starting from INR 1.19Cr.

Located at Vartak nagar Thane west Deep Mala is a residency by SD Bhalero Constructions. It is spread across 2.2 acres of area and is single storeyed tower. It provides 2 BHK apartments for sale with price rate starting from INR 98 lakhs.

Nandanvan Homes offers 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 2.5 BHK flats with price starting from INR 79.9 lakhs. It is located in Thane west and is developed by Shree Krupa Builders.

Tata Serein by Tata housing located at Pokhran Road no.2, Thane west offers 2 and 3 BHK luxury flats for sale. It is spread across 7.5 acres of land and is a multi storeyed 4 tower project. The price for these luxury flats start from INR 1.49Cr.

Wadhwa Group’s residential project Wadhwa Platina located on Kolshet road offers 2.5 and 3 BHK luxury flats for sale in Thane with price rate starting from INR 1.26Cr

Commercial Investment!

Location becomes even more important in case of commercial property than to residential property because investor buys a commercial property to make good finances out of his business.

Commercial investment is not meant for beginners because one needs a solid base of finance for commercial property.  To lower the Burden of Commercial finance REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) can be very helpful. For investing in real estate REIT is one of the best approaches. REIT refers to a real estate property in terms of Mutual Funds. Many investors pool-up their money and form a REIT; this allows them to make a huge real estate investment such as skyscrapers, Shopping malls, Supermarkets, restaurants, Large Complexes etc. The profit gained from this investment is distributed among all the investors of that property.

Thane is also evolving in commercial real estate sector. Below are some Commercial properties in Ghodbunder Road Thane.

Cosmos Jewels offers 2777 sqft for office space and it is a good commercial property located in proximity to highway. And its price starts from INR 3. 67 Cr.

Hiranandani Estate offers commercial offices starting from INR 68 lakhs for 428 sqft.

Fenkin Belleza an under construction property in thane has commercial shops located at Kasarvadavali, Ghodbunder Road Thane west. And the price for these shops starts from INR 5 Cr.

Once you are well versed with all the real estate investment criterions you will be able to handle the process easily. Planning and analysis is key to hassle free investments. You will eventually become an expert in real estate and will start gaining wealth from your investment by moving in a processed manner. Real Estate has undoubtedly been a profitable investment and will continue to do so. Each market has their own phases of highs and lows. Emerging hotspots like Thane, Navi Mumbai etc. have made investments not only lucrative but value for money. With the development of robust infrastructures in these places, Real Estate investments are surely going touch surreal heights.

Have a happy and profitable real estate investment!


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